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Food and Wine Tours in Italy

Nature holiday: Spiaggia Romea is the ideal resort for your food and wine tour in Italy

Products of the territory

The Apple. The easy and tasty way for a Snack

Spiaggia Romea is not only the ideal village to spend an unforgettable and entertaining holiday but also a place to taste delicious Italian dishes and to drink good wine. So the resort is the right location to enjoy one of the best food and wine tours in Italy.

mazzoni.jpgPut it in your bag, in you schoolbag or in your pocket and you’ll always have sweet energy at hand.
The opportunities to take a light and delicious break are endless and all in line with a light feeding style, nutritious and healthy, rich of water, minerals, fiber and vitamins, the Apple is a fruit all-round.
Scientific studies performed in Italy and abroad demonstrate that a regular consumption of fruit can help to prevent the aging of the skin, vascular diseases and some type of tumor.
The Apple has in common with other fruits the fact that they contain fiber and substances with antioxidant activity, that protects the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Good Taste…

Apple production by Mazzoni Group per Zero km, produced with environmentally and human healthy methods.

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