A unique and always different environment

From the river Po of Goro to the estuary of the Reno, the Delta Park in the Ferrara region is a vast area surrounded by ancient woodland, pine woods and oases punctuated by art treasures of outstanding beauty such as Pomposa Abbey and the town of Comacchio with its lagoons.
This is a unique and varied environment, created by the waters of rivers, canals, marshes; sea water ; vanished water, taken up and carried away through centuries of insistent labour: water that has left behind it the extraordinary landscape of reclaimed land.
Land and water create places of fragile, delicate balance between emerged and submerged areas; places in which each season brings new colours and smells, and the low sky of the plain, crossed by the flight of birds, enchants the visitor and offers a unique experience.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

From Mesola, with its oak forest where the last group of Po valley deer lives, to the Comacchio Marshes, made up of about 15,000 hectares of water stretches, an ideal habitat for an amazing number of water birds, the Delta Park reveals to the visitor wonderful places that time has conserved intact.
In this landscape between land and water, nature merges with works of man, the effects of time merge with those of the inhabitants who, over the centuries with their reclaim work, have been able to create a harmonious balance between the natural environment to be preserved and that devoted to economic resources. This is why the Po Delta has been called 'a very special programmed cultural landscape which preserves its original form in a remarkable way', in the explanation for its inclusion in the Human Heritage of UNESCO.unesco____patrimonio_mondiale-1030x428-(1).jpg