Water ways

Boats Trip

To visit the Delta of the Ferrara region by boat, while you are enjoying holidays on Adriatic Riviera is a great pleasure, offering unique and evocative experiences

The itinerary, or rather itineraries, are undoubtedly very unusual and unique, offering visits to areas and habitats truly uncontaminated and protected.



From Comacchio, during your holidays on Adriatic Riviera, it is possible to follow routes inside the Marshes which extend to the south-east of the town, crossing an area dedicated to local fishing both itinerant and permanent with the characteristic large drop-nets. Visits to the typical 'casoni' - temporary shelters of fishermen busy with eel-fishing using the traditional traps. Visit to the Museum of Comacchio Marshes and a drink at Bettolino, a local bar.
The excursion takes 2 hours.


From the Lido of Volano, about fifteen kilometres northof Comacchio, by boat from a pier near the Oasis of Canneviè, a small salt-marsh of 70 hectares. The vegetation here is the habitat of many bird species. A walking path of about two kilometres takes one into a small paradise. Once on the boat the real Po Delta can be reached, a area of reeds with narrow winding canals. To the north-east there extends the pure stretch of water of the Sacco di Goro with its breeding grounds for mussels and cockles.
The excursion takes about 3 hours.