Italian Naval League

A constant commitment to bring young people closer to the extraordinary world of water sports!

Spiaggia Romea and its lake have had the honor for several years of hosting one of the 3 centers of the Italian Naval League.

Thanks to this opportunity and the courses organized by the LNI Center of the Lake of Nations, the children develop a passion for water sports, practiced in close contact with nature, also managing to have an extraordinary opportunity for training, fun and new friends with their peers.

The courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and are held in collaboration with the Navy.

The staff that follows the children along this path is highly qualified and the equipment undergoes a complete overhaul every year to ensure maximum safety.


Open day on a sailing boat

Spiaggia Romea has been supporting this project for years, guaranteeing the best and most deserving a fun day in their village.

All students who will be able to cross our body of water with the indications received during the course, will be able to take advantage of a day of pure relaxation, sport and joy inside our facility. Parents will be able to follow the kids' path from afar, watching their progress on the lake and relaxing at the Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea.

In addition, this year, thanks to this collaboration, we created the "Open Day on a Sailboat". From 20.07 to 30.08 expert instructors will cross the wonderful lake with all those interested and will arrive at Spiaggia Romea, where a small snack will await you.

Access is free but reservations are mandatory as places are limited.