Travel with your pet

5 good reasons to spend your pet friendly holiday in Spiaggia Romea

A pet friendly hotel in italy

Are you looking for a pet friendly hotel in Italy for a holiday in company of your 4 legged friends?

You are in the right place!

Spiaggia Romea has arranged everything for your furry friends so that their holiday does not mean changes and stress but fun, games and cuddles.

Many surprises await your pets in our resort.

5 good reasons to choose us and our amazing pet friendly hotel in Italy

  • Sporting activities: agility, obedience exercises in movement, walks on 6 paws, everything supervised by our dog trainer: we want the best not only for you but also for your small companions;
  • Other activities: we organize socialization and educational activities, on or off lead, so you can control your dog with calming signals in all situations. We would like to help you make sure that your furry friend will be perfectly integrated into the surrounding world, so that you can enjoy your relaxing moments;
  • Entertainment: through games among dogs and other engaging activities we want fun to become the main attraction of a unique and special stay;
  • For children: socialization between dogs and children is fundamental and, for this reason, we organize activities that teach children the right approach to dogs in a playful and fun atmosphere;
  • Welcome: in the rooms of our Hotel Del Parco and of our Residence Oasi pets are welcome (max. 2 pets per room). At check-in you will receive all the useful information available to make the most of your pet friendly holiday.

Real fun!

Pet friendly Holidays

An unforgettable holiday also for your pet

Pet friendly Holidays

Our holiday village has always been interested in pet friendly holidays to make the stay of all dog owners unforgettable and unique.

In the Hotel del Parco and in the Residence Oasi are 2 pets per room/apartment welcome.

In 2010 decided the direction of the holiday village that the stay of the dog owners should become a real pet friendly holiday with a lot of dedicated services and activities.

The resort has a lot of green so there are some areas where dogs can run free and enjoy the nature with their owners.

Pet friendly Holidays

  • Dedicated services:

  • Renato: our expert and nice dog trainer that from Sunday to Friday organises at certain times activities and laboratories for dogs and their owners.
  • DOG BEACH BY THE LAKE: reserved area with sun umbrellas and sun beds for the relaxation of dogs and their owners. In the lake dogs are also allowed to swim and to use some facilities with their owners.
  • DOG BEACH BY THE SEA: an area with sun umbrellas and beds on the sea beach
  • AGILITY CAMP: equipped area where Renato organises daily entertaining activities
  • WELCOMING KIT: a small present for your pet that you will receive during the first activity with the dog trainer

Special Events

A lot of special events are organized with our dog educator and thanks to the fantasy of our staff and our guests.
During the year you can take part to weekend of education for dogs or walk in our wonderful pinewood.
During the summer your dog has the possibility to take part to interesting activities and laboratories organized by our experts.
Marriages, dedicated activities, relaxation and much more are waiting for you and for your dog for an unforgettable holiday.


In 2013 we decided to share our experiences about our pet friendly holidays and for this reason we created our first blog thanks to our dog trainer and some experts. Here curiosities, activities and experiences are described with simplicity and love for our work and for the world of pet friendly holidays.
All our guests are invited to make comments and to share their emotions on our blog to improve the holiday world with pets.

The Dogweek

From the 5th to the 12th of June spend a holiday with your best friend on 4 paws!

Entertainment, a dog trainer and a lot of exciting activities await you and your dog.