Nature Holiday

Ecotourism at Spiaggia Romea

Nature friendly, in a big green area and hospitable, the Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea is the ideal place if you desire to spend an holiday with relax and in contact with nature.

Set in the heart of the Po Delta park, world heritage of the UNESCO, our village is the ideal resort for the people who love to spend their holiday in the open air, in contact with flora and fauna, in a structure that respects the principles of the Eco sustainable tourism.

15 hectares are at the disposal of the eyes of our tourists that are always more interesting in the protection of the environment.

During the last years all the reconstructions and all the new constructions are created with specific attention to the environment and the territory around the village

Choose Spiaggia Romea!

Are you looking for a nature holiday?

Or do you desire an eco-friendly holiday?

The right place to be is the Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea. 

The birth of the ecotourism in Emilia Romagna has found a good example in the ideas and in the aims of our holiday village.

Our resort, in the heart of the Po Delta Park, has important peculiarities for the ecotourism lovers and for the lovers of the tourism en plein air thanks to its location.We always do our best to support our ecofriendly aims: we share our ecofriendly ideas and projects with our staff and also with our guests.

The strong points for a nature holiday

Thanks to our riding centre we can offer unforgettable experiences: our guests can enjoy an adventurous riding under free animals in a dedicated area of our resort.

Every day we offer a lot of activities about eco-friendly holiday, such us:

  • separate waste collection in the hotel rooms and in all the resort thanks to the information that you will receive at the arrival
  • eco laboratories proposed by our experts and by our animation staff
  • mini safari free of charge in the breeding of horses, bulls and deer
  • biologic food and food of the territory in the restaurant
  • information about the territory so you can enjoy and discover it by foot

Food from the territory

Our love for nature is recognizable also in our restaurant with fruits and vegatables from our own production and with bio pauses with our apples!
In some periods of the year the restaurant cooks also tasteful stew with meat of our breeding.

The Po Delta Park

The Regional Po Delta Park, Unesco heritage, was instituted in 1988 and its part of the protected areas of the region Emilia Romagna.

The environmental peculiarities characterize these parts and the most important element is the water that thanks to different degrees of salinity has created marvelous landscapes that we can still admire.
The Po Delta Park is an important element for a nature holiday in Spiaggia Romea. a Spiaggia Romea. 


In the park of our resort live marvelous Delta horses, majestic bulls, marvelous deer and a lot of bird species that can be admired from all the guests that desire to discover the nature of the Po Delta.

Spiaggia Romea offers you, 3 times a week, a mini safari in the breeding for an unforgettable experience for adults and kids (please book the safari in advance).

Our adventurers will be accompanied by our guide Gastone and, if they are lucky, they will admire all the species that live in our resort.